This is a project-driven video production company, fusing the expertise of freelance creatives (in the art of media capture) with an intuitive grasp of the digital world. Using today's newest tech to capture from above and in 360, going beyond the normal image boundaries. Gimbals and drones replace track and dolly.  4K is the norm with 6K already available. We have a passion for small businesses and non-profits. Tell us about your media needs or ideas.

Our digital freelancers love helping with community projects. In the arts or driving change within the community through education.  We want to be involved.

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We Edit your media

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Small cost, big impact

Save money, just record your footage and upload it to us.  We will edit your message into a powerful presentation. We add depth and colorful graphic and animation content to help your message stand out.

Prices are based on the length of your message, graphic and music needs. It can be the difference between getting watched and passing you by...

Non-profits & small businesses get lower rates.

We will do a re-edit for you for $150 per video of 3mins or less. New videos (music or feature) run $500 - $1500. This depends on if you supply the footage ($500) or we find the cuts ($1500) . Our price is $300 per hour.

Keyboard and Mouse

Call 502 221-0314 for more information.